Colours & Blends

24 Great Colour Combinations

If you’re looking to install a resin bound driveway with a colour combination that complements your home, then you’re in luck! Take a look at our high-quality range of pre-mixed colour blends which are ideal for driveways, paths, patios, steps, yards and anything else that needs bringing to life.

Sampling Service

Ask for details of our sampling service to give you a close-up effect of how what colour combinations suit your home.

Aggregate Pre-Mixed Blend Choices:

Decaro Bianco Frost
Decaro Celtic
Decaro Cosmic
Decaro Glamorgan Pink
Decaro Golden Pearl
Decaro Lava
Decaro Luna
Decaro Mocha
Decaro Nordic Silver
Decaro Oyster Blush
Decaro Oyster Mist
Decaro Pebble Grey
Decaro Pheonix
Decaro Pink Opal
Decaro Rose Gold
Decaro Sage Grey
Decaro Sea Shell
Decaro Shiraz
Decaro Silver Blue
Decaro Smokestone
Decaro Sunlight
Decaro Tuscan Sun
Decaro Valencia
Decaro Verde

Resin Bound Surfaces for Driveways, Patios, Steps, Footpaths etc.

Fabulous Looking Results Which add Value & Beauty to your Home.

Whether it’s bringing back life to a tired looking home or adding that extra bit of sparkle to your property, resin bound driveway surfaces always hit the spot! Super attractive, hard-wearing, cost-efficient, long-lasting with low maintenance to help tick all the right boxes.

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Areas covered: Cardiff | Caerphilly | RCT | Newport | Swansea | Bridgend | Brecon & most areas in South Wales.

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