Resin Driveway Maintenance

To help you keep your resin bonded surfaces in tip-top condition, we’ve prepared a brief low-level maintenance guide. Although hard-wearing, the integrity and appearance of resin bound surfaces long-term depends on how you maintain it. The good news – is that it is really quite straightforward!

The Do’s

Family Cars
Power Washing

• All pedestrians and family-type classed cars, vans etc.

• Regularly jet wash or garden hose the surface (avoid hot water)

• Sweep with a stiff brush

• Keep surface clear of moss, algae, twigs, weeds (from wind-blown seeds) and leaves when possible (can cause staining over a period of time)

• Immediately mop up spillage of oil, solvents or aggressive chemicals

• Remove snow with a plastic snow brush (as opposed to a garden or industrial shovel)

• Use salt to resist ice and frost, but wash away when weather allows

• Use planks as a base if you must use a small skip or entertain heavier than normal loads

The Don’t!

Bike Stands
Oil Spills

• Park skips on the surface (laden or empty)

• Park heavy motorcycles with stands that dig into the surface

• Drag heavy objects across the surface

• Allow heavy goods vehicles, tractors, industrial machinery/vehicles etc.

• Leave oil spillages

• Turn steering wheels when parked on surface (transfer of tyre oils caused by friction)

• Leave concrete marks

• Leave any corrective actions – act as quickly as possible

Playing Your part

This advice is a guide only and the application of common sense is the best way to keep your resin bound driveway in tip-top condition. Seek further advice on the removal of chemicals or ask about anything that may be offered as a problem.

Act quickly so you won’t be sorry!

Resin Bound Surfaces for Driveways, Patios, Steps, Footpaths etc.

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Whether it’s bringing back life to a tired looking home or adding that extra bit of sparkle to your property, resin bound driveway surfaces always hit the spot! Super attractive, hard-wearing, cost-efficient, long-lasting with low maintenance to help tick all the right boxes.

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